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2020 John West Liverpool Spring 50k. Entries now open but limited to 400 places

Sunday 3rd May - Sat 9th May 2020 £93 | £91 (includes the Spring 10k)


John West Liverpool Spring 50k

We can't wait for the Liverpool Spring 50k! - a joint multi day event by Guy Roberts of Interval Races and Matt Davies - Mersey Races :)

Here's a provisional list of the race dates and times (please note these are subject to change):

Sun 3rd May | 9:15am, Liverpool Spring 10k

Mon 4th May | 7:15pm, Pickerings Pasture 5k

Tue 5th May | 7:15pm, Birkenhead Park 10k

Wed 6th May | Day off!

Thurs 7th May | 7:15pm, Stanley Park 8k

Fri 8th May (Bank Holiday) | 7:15pm, Norton Priory 9k

Sat 9th May | 7:15pm, Mystery 8k


Sun 3rd May | John West Liverpool Spring 10k

Mon 4th May | Pickerings Pasture 5k

Tues 5th May | Birkenhead Park 10k

Thursday 7th May | Stanley Park 8k

Friday 8th May | Norton Priory 9k

Saturday 9th May | Mystery 8k

Transfers and Deferrals


Free and allowed until midnight on May 2nd 2020


Free until March 31st

£15 from April 1st - April 30th

No deferrals in May

All Abilities Welcome

£93 / £91 affiliated