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John West Liverpool Summer 50k

2021 event postponed until 2022


Please note that the John West Liverpool Spring 50k has been postponed until 2022. With the outcome of the July 19th opening unknown we decided that we couldn't go ahead with the event this year - any one of the 3 councils could have withdrawn permission of course with no notice. On the back of a challenging 18 months we just couldn't take the risk of holding the 50k this year. We've emailed all entrants with their options. The Summer 50k will take place in 2022 - apologies for the constant changes and untimately for the cancellation this year.

Matt Davies and Guy Roberts (event organisers)

John West Liverpool Summer 50k

We can't wait for the Liverpool Summer 50k! - 6 races in 7 days organised by Guy Roberts (Interval Races) and Matt Davies (Mersey Races) :)

Here's a provisional list of the race dates and times (please note that a couple of the venues are tbc):

Sun 8th Aug | 11am, Pickerings Pasture 5k

Mon 9th Aug | 7:30pm, Location tbc 10k

Tues 10th Aug | 7:30pm, Stanley Park 8k

Wed 11th Aug | Day off!

Thurs 12th Aug | 7:30pm, Norton Priory 9k

Fri 13th Aug | 7:30pm, Birkenhead Park 10k

Sat 14th Aug | 11am, Mystery Park 8k


Pickerings Pasture 5k

Sun 8th Aug | 11am

Pickerings Pasture 5k route

Location TBC 10k

Mon 9th Aug | 7:30pm

Location TBC 10k

Stanley Park 8k

Tues 10th Aug | 7:30pm

Norton Priory 9k

Thurs 12th Aug | 7:30pm

Norton Priory 9k route

Birkenhead Park 10k

Fri 13th Aug | 7:30pm

Birkenhead Park 10k

Mystery Park 8k

Sat 14th Aug | 11am

Mystery Park 8k

Transfers and Deferrals


Free and allowed until midnight on Aug 1st 2021


Free until June 31st 2021

£15 from July 1st - July 30th

No deferrals in August

2021 John West Liverpool Summer 50k. Entries now open!

2021 event postponed until 2022